What is BlogLocal?

BlogLocal is putting local blogging on the map. BlogLocal is building a directory of blogs that focus on local content.  Blogs are organized by location and in the future will be organized by location and topic.

We want to make it even easier to find the best local blogs in your city, town or neighborhood.  Currently you can find blogs by city, topic or by browsing the blog map.  If you’re looking for a cooking blog in San Diego – we can help you find fellow San Diego food bloggers.

The History of BlogLocal

In 2005, I started a blog about Pittsburgh, IheartPGH.  We wrote a few posts, then wrote a post about bacon night at a local bar in Pittsburgh.  Then the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette shared a link to our post about bacon night and we picked up a bunch of readers and we were hooked using a blog to share all the great stuff about Pittsburgh.  Since 2005, I’ve kept meeting great folks who were blogging about their communities.  Thanks to the folks at GLUE (Great Lakes Urban Exchange  we had the opportunity to meet other bloggers who were writing about their cities, towns and neighborhoods.  But unless we had an introduction, or a lot of time to spend searching, there still wasn’t an easy way to find the best local bloggers.

After a few attempts at creating a Google map of blog links, we landed at  pair Incubator.  With some additional resources (and an unlimited supply of great coffee) we have been able to build what is starting to be a more usable map of blogs. We’ve got more to come and would love to hear your thoughts on how we can make this more useful for finding local blogs.

Who is BlogLocal?

BlogLocal was founded by Lindsay Patross.  Lindsay has been blogging about Pittsburgh at IheartPGH since 2005.  Lindsay has spent several years working on political campaigns helping candidates tell their stories to voters.  Lindsay works in online community building –  helping business and  non-profit organizations use social media to tell their stories and grow their communities of customers/supporters/donors.     Lindsay has developed social media plans, launched blogs and provided ongoing content for VoteVets.org, Spreadshirt, Libsyn and pair Networks.

Share Your Favorite Local Blogs

Are you the author of a blog that writes about a specific place? Have a favorite blog from your hometown?  Help us build our map of local blogs by submitting a local blog here.

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